We offer a range of Aim EVO 4 Datalogger & Dash/Display Car Kits so you can get everything you need all in one order. Simply select the kit you need and we’ll get it delivered to as soon as possible. call us if you have a questions or are unsure what you need.

Choice of Three Great EVO 4 Car Kits

The Aim EVO4 Datalogger

The compact datalogger where GPS, ECU connections, analogic and digital channels are included. EVO4 is a professional, modular datalogger with integrated GPS. Robust and compact, EVO4 can be easily placed in any vehicle. Its configuration with Race Studio 2 software is simple and immediate.

EVO4 samples all information you need: data coming from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) via CAN, serial line or OBDII, from the internal three-axial accelerometer, from the integrated GPS, which permits an automatic and precise lap time calculation. Sensors can be connected to 5 configurable analog channels, to the RPM input and to 2 wheel speed inputs. The EVO4 is a modular logger, offering the opportunity to increase the number of channels, adding via CAN connectivity.

Choose From One Of These Three Great EVO4 Datalogger Packs!

Pack 1: Aim EVO4 with G-Dash

The new compact graphical display for EVO4. G-Dash is a small, flexible, fully configurable graphical display, for a more precise and enjoyable data visualization. With G-Dash you keep constantly under control lap times and all values coming from the ECU, from the accelerometers and from the GPS built in EVO4, besides receiving information from the on-board camera SmartyCam. Read More

Pack 2: Aim EVO4 with MXL Dash

The new display to complement your EVO4 data acquisition system.
MXL Dash displays all pertinent parameters to the driver such as RPM, speed, gear number, alarms and lap times.
All data are presented in an easy to view layout on the wide backlighted screen.
MXL Dash features 6 fully configurable alarm LEDs and 10 gear flash LEDs.
Modern and stylishly designed, MXL Dash is perfectly suited for installation on any type of vehicle.
MXL Dash features a robust light aluminum body, backlighted display for perfect visibility in every light condition and is water resistant to IP65 Read More

Pack 3: Aim EVO4 with Formula Wheel ( car only)

Formula Steering Wheel, for dimensions (ø 27cm) and structure, has been specifically designed for Formula and Sport cars. It offers the opportunity to visualize in real time all key parameters and shows a typical “racing” look.Its digital display shows data sampled by EVO4 logger, coming from Engine Control Unit and sensors.
With Formula Steering Wheel you keep constantly monitored:

  • Lap/split times and lap number
  • Speed or RPM graphical view
  • 8 channels (2 per page) selected configuring EVO4 with Race Studio 2 software. Read More